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We offer Elective program for Ghanaian Sudents Abroad

Ghanaian Students
Offering You Elective Abroad

This Elective is aimed at offering Ghanaian medical students the opportunity to experience a short term training in an European or American medical system. Students are offered short term attachments ranging from 2 weeks to 3months. Get exposed to the high standard requirements of medical treatments and practices abroad

Medical Elective in Europe & America

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Ghana Medical Elective Ltd is a Ghanaian medical organisation whose main aim is to offer as well as help in the facilitating and arranging medical electives (internship and extenship) especially for final year medical students from Ghana to do their medical elective in America and European, EEA countries. This elective is intended to provide these medical students the exposure to the European medical system as well as the high standard of medical treatment and practice. These students are trained in English and very well equipped with skills like setting of IV lines, taking of blood samples, assisting in surgery, helping out during ward rounds. The students however don't speak german , French , Spanish or the respective European language as the case may be and as such wish to do this elective not as part of their university requirement but rather during their normal school holiday period exclusively for their own exposure, wish  and experience gathering to know about the European medical system and the standards of medical practices.

The elective is purely observational and the students will bear their own cost as the hospital will not bear any cost on behalf of the student. They will take care of the cost of their Accommodation, living expenses in germany as well as their travel cost. All participating students will have their individual travel medical insurance which cover their stay in Germany or which ever country chosen.

Application Requirements

Ghana Medical Elective requires that Ghanaian Medical Students provide the following documents:
  • Curriculim Vitae
  • Motivational letter
  • Letter attesting their good standing status with their universities
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